Posts made in July 2018

Trans-Pacific Market Update July 31, 2018

Dear Valued Client;

The Trans-Pacific inbound market is extremely robust.

All carriers are currently booked at 100% capacity through August 14. USPTI anticipates container space to be at a premium
In the short term. Due to current relationship between supply and demand rate have increases substantially and are non-negotiable

In our efforts to protect your interest, please book your cargo at minimum 21 days prior to sailing. Any additional lead time would be
appreciated and would greatly assist in our effort to secure the space you require.

Thank you for your support.

Please contact your USPTI representative with any question.

Trans-Pacific Market Update July 25, 2018

Dear Valued Client;

The Trans-Pacific inbound markets continues to be volatile. Demand for container space is currently greater than supply.

We anticipate demand to exceed supply for the next 45 to 60 days at minimum. Please plan accordingly.

We request each to send your booking request as early as possible so that USPTI can work with you and our carriers to reserve your required space in order
to insure that your cargo moves consistent with your required ETD and ETA.

USPTI will continue to provide you with quality and reliable service.

The uncertainty of trading conditions is expected to continue in the short term. We remain committed to servicing your individual requirement.

Thank you for your continued support as we build a long term relationship together.

Please contact your USPTI representative with any questions or concerns.

USPTI Market and Trade Update July 2018

Dear Valued Client;

To date this year, we have seen rising fuel prices, new environmental regulations, tighter intermodal capacity, trucker shortages, occasional labor issues, etc. These factors have created a chaotic environment in world trade and specifically in the Trans-Pacific trade.

Additionally the growing uncertainty regarding Sino-US trade relations has added to the complexity to trading conditions. An additional 200 billion dollar tariff increase was announced by USTR on July 11,2018 regarding an additional 10% duty increase. The most recent announced increase  list will covers general merchandise including but not limited to food products, stationary, household goods, building materials, fabric goods, refrigerators and furniture.etc….. Please note the below link for full details


In addition to the 7/11 announcement the link below includes the full details of of the initial list 1 and 2 tariff increases


In addition to above issues impacting our businesses, once again merger Rumors and discussions are surfacing. Carriers are removing entire vessel strings as well as reducing the number of veseels on other strings.

All the above combined will artificially adjust supply and demand. USPTI anticipates space and service to be at a premium during the historical peak season. We request that if possible you provide a  monthly forecast so that we can secure the space and services required. Furthermore we would request that book your cargo at a minimum 14 days prior to departure.

USPTI is confident that with open communication between  our companies, USPTI can provide you with efficient and reliable services.

Thank you for your past support and we look forward to a long term relationship of service.

Please contact your USPTI representative with any questions or if you require further details.