EC Capacity/Market Update

Dear Valued Customer;


The Trans -Pacific import market remains extremely strong with cargo volume exceeding vessel and container supply.


Although West Coast demand continues to exceed supply, the East Coast demand far exceeds the East Coast supply.

Blank sailings, terminal congestions coupled with the continuing increased demand will create  unprecedented international transportation supply shortages to the East Coast.


Currently we anticipate blank sailings from Ningbo to the EC during the month of April. We anticipate sailings from other China ports will also be impacted. Our core carriers are advising that EC capacity is  fully booked thru August whereas West Coast capacity is currently booked thru June.


We are aggressively pursuing any and all options to minimize the impact to your supply chain, however we anticipate rates to continue to escalate with space becoming the critical issue during at minimum the next 2-3 months.


Please insure you are providing your forecast and booking requirement as early as possible to USPTI.


Please contact your USPTI representative for any specific details