Booking Forecast Request Update April 24, 2019

Dear Valued Client,

USPTI senior management is in Asia for the routine yearly travel schedule and preparing for the spaces allotment and protection for our clients during the upcoming peak season.

During all the meeting and discussion with various ocean carriers we anticipate available container spaces could be the major issue this year.  The overall space capacity is only slightly increasing in 2019. However, carriers continue to void (cancel) sailing thus artificially adjusting supply and demand with blank sailings.

In addition, the potential low sulfur fuel oil requirement and/or installation of scrubbers required  by International Maritime Organization 2020 mandate which will be implemented for the fourth quarter of 2019  may create additional restraints on available capacity as carriers struggle to meet the environmental mandates.

USPTI is seeking your cooperation , and request all vendors to send a booking forecast as least 14 days prior to departure.  Any late booking request may be subject to space availability  and potentially additional cost in space is at a premium.

USPTI appreciates your support and will continue to keep you up to date on any issues which potentially will impact your logistic supply chain.

Best Regards