Market and Service Update March 19, 2019

As we move toward the historical Trans Pacific Eastbound contracting renewal season (May 1 ) we draw your attention to numerous blank (cancelled) during March, April and May. As carrier struggle with supply and demand, many carriers are opting to cancel sailings in an effort to artificially address the imbalance between existing demand for container space and container capacity.
Additionally carriers typically use the void sailing as time to do routine maintenance and repairs.
The void sailing may create a shortage of space and thus would request clients to forward their booking requirements as far in advance as possible (hopefully 21 days in advance of scheduled sailing) thus allowing USPTI to continue offering quality, dependable and reliable service at market driven rates.
Please contact your USPTI representative for details of void sailing and available options to insure your import requirements are satisfied.
U. S. Pacific Transport appreciates your continued supports and look forward to maintaining a long term strategic relationship.