Panama Canal Charge

Based on the projected level of Gatun Lake and present historically low water level in Panama, the Panama Canal Authority has imposed strict restrictions on draft and the number of vessels crossing the canal. Despite several action taken by the Panama Canal Authority over the last few months, lack of precipitation is significantly impacting the water level of the Panama Canal. As a result, the number of vessels passing through the Neopanamax locks will be further reduced, leading to a substantial increase in carriers’ operational costs. 

In response to these challenges, several carriers have announced to collect the Panama Canal Charge for shipment loaded on vessel passing through Panama Canal. Please refer to below table for the summary but subject to change based on carrier’s latest announcement. If you have any question regarding the charge, please reach to your USPTI sales representative.

CarrierAmount of Panama Canal Charge for TPEffective DateExclude from / Include in OFRemarkAdvisory Link


(postponed from 2023/12/15)

excludeMost services via MSC to EC will be charging PCS USD297/CNTR starting besides service AMERICA/ELEPHANT.
YMLUSD 150/300/380 per 20’/40/45’2024/1/15excludeIf vessel runs through Suez/Cape of Good Hope, the charge won't be applied. Not applicable for shipment from China. 
ONEN/A  ONE has Panama Canal Contingency Surcharge $145/CNTR effective on 1/15 and applied to TA and Latin America trades ONLY
COSCOUSD 255/300/380 per 20’/40’/45’