Port Congestions in North America July-30-2021

Dear Customers,

We are seeing serious port congestions in north America ports, especially for LA/LB, which also affects the vessel schedules unstable recently. Carriers are also filing port congestion surcharges onto the shipment due to these circumstances.

Listed below is the most updated list by Steamship Line of the upcoming Port Congestion Surcharge (as of July 28, 2021).  The Port Congestion Surcharge is based on the discharge date of your shipments.  With all the delays and roll overs, it’s possible that the Port Congestion Surcharge would apply to your current bookings if the shipment arrives at the destination port on/after the effective date. We are following up closely with all carriers and will keep you posted on any updates. Please contact your CSR or operations person, should you have any further questions or concerns.

CarrierItemsQuantumEffective DateCorridorsApplicable toRemark
ZIMPort Congestion Surcharge (CNS)USD1000/Box2021/8/1All export cargo from Asia to LosAll kinds of cargo and all equipment typesThese charges will be collected in US based on Asia gate in date.
USD5000/Box2021/8/6Angeles and Tacoma applicable to ZEX, ZX2 and ZX3 lines
USD1000/Box2021/8/1Other US  & Canada Port
Destination Delivery Charge (DDC)USD1000/Box2021/8/1Los Angeles and Tacoma
WHLPort Congestion Surcharge (PCS)USD100/20’
2021/7/26All (except US to HK & HK to US : base on 8/15 POL gate-in date)All kinds of cargo and all equipment typesPayable at Hong Kong.
2021/8/15HK to US
MSCCongestion Surcharge(CGS)USD 800/20′,
USD 1000/40DV,
USD 1125/40HC,
USD 1266/45’
2021/9/1All China/SEA/S Kore/Japan exports to cargo to and via any US and Canada portsAll kinds of cargo and all equipment typesThe effective date against Discharge Date in POD.
MATSONCalifornia Port Congestion Surcharge(PCS)USD 2000/20′
USD 2500/40DV
USD 2813/40HC
USD 3165/45’
USD 2000/R20′
USD 2500/R40′
2021/7/15-2021/8/4Region for Long Beach,CA & Oakland,CA (Excluding Hawaii, Guam, Micronesia, Republic of Palau, Marshall Islands, CNMI)All kinds of cargo and all equipment typesPCS will be collect only charges in the US.
USD 3600/20′
USD 4500/40DV
USD 5063/40HC
USD 5697/45’
USD 3600/R20′
USD 4500/R40′
HPLOn-carriage Congestion Surcharge (OCS)USD350/Ctnr. 2021/8/11. All import moves in the U.S. where HL is responsible for the truck and/or rail move;        All kinds of cargo and all equipment typesFor all intermodal moves
2. All export moves in the U.S. where HL is responsible for the truck move;     Effective upon carrier receipt of cargo on or after August 1, 2021 and is valid until further notice
Pre-carriage Congestion Surcharge (PCS)3. For Los Angeles (LAX)/ Long Beach (LGB), please note that the existing charge will remain as it is today with the amount increased to USD $350 per container. 
Value Added Surcharge (VAD)USD 4000 for all 20′ container types2021/8/15Ex China to North America (USA and Canada)All kinds of cargo and all equipment typesNeed to be paid under collect basis at US and Canada destinations./ VAD count under gate-in date.
USD 5000 for all 40′ container types
CMAPort Congestion Surcharge(PCS)USD 800/20′
USD 1000/40′
USD 1100/40HC
USD 1266/45’
USD 1000/40’NOR
2021/8/7All Asia (including Far East) Ports of LoadingAll kinds of cargo and all equipment typesEXX svc only.
To: Los Angeles onlyPCS will not apply to shipment rates to/via Hawaii port of discharge.
 The charges will be collected at the U.S. port
Port Congestion Surcharge(PCS)USD 2000/20′
USD 2500/40′
USD 2815/40HC
USD 3165/45’
2021/8/15South East Asia, Nouth East Asia, Russia Far East, North China, Central China, Hong Kong & South China Ports of LoadingAll kinds of cargo and all equipment typesIncluding EXX svc(Will charge both USD800/1000/1100/1266/1000 per 20’/40’/40’HC/45’/40’NOR & USD2000/2500/2815/3165 per 20’/40’/40’HC/45′ if under EXX svc).
To: U.S West Coast, U.S Eest Coast, U.S Golf Coast & Dutch Harbor Ports of Discharge.Based upon container arriving date at US.
 The charges will be collected at the U.S. port