Potential Equipment Shortage

Dear Valued Customer,

The ongoing drought issue starting in early 2023 at the Panama Canal has yet to be resolved.  The number of vessels allowed to pass through the canal has been increased back up to 32 vessels/day; still less than the previous 50-60 vessels/day back in 2022.  With the extended wait time at the Panama Canal and the longer journey of rerouting through the Cape of Good Hope this has led to vessel delays in performing her scheduled voyages.  Leading to lower efficiencies of the container turnarounds from the destination, especially on the 40’HC equipment.  However, if 40’DC is acceptable for your needs, this container specification would be more readily available.  To help resolve this issue at hand, please make sure you arrange the appropriate trucking services for speedy pick-ups on the empties to be returned to origin for future use.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact your sales representative.