Shanghai Covid Lockdown Updates – June 1st, 2022

Dear valued customers,

Finally, the Covid lockdown in Shanghai was ended today (June 1st). It's a significant easing of the restrictions, which will allow most people to move freely around the city, but this is not going to be a full lifting of the lockdown. Below latest information was just updated by our local office early this morning and we’d like to share with you the resuming progress in Shanghai.

Citizen’s daily life in Shanghai

There are 16 districts in Shanghai, and some of the zones are still under lockdown. For those who allowed to leave their home requires to show a green health code on their smartphone. PCR negative testing result is necessary for entering any public place. Restaurants can resume serving but dining in is forbidden. Cinemas, museums and gyms remain closed. And most children will not return to school yet during this period.

Production resuming in Shanghai

With the increasing PCR testing station set by the government, the trucker is comparably easier to resume their business. The terminal’s operation remains partially functional, and will probably recover gradually in the next few weeks. Factories were allowed to resume operating if there’s no positive case was detected within 14 days.  

Currently, it’s still too early to know when the cargo volume would be back to normal from Shanghai and we expect it should be back in next 1~2 weeks. 

USPTI will keep monitoring and keep all of you updated.

Again, we really appreciate for the support as always. We will keep monitoring the situation and will keep you updated if there is any news. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our offices or your sales representatives. 

All of us are happy to help. USPTI appreciate your support!