The supply and demand in the Trans Pacific import market has shifted dramatically in favor of ocean carriers.

Due to the historical peak season combined with the capacity disruptions created by the financial problems and pending bankruptcy of Hanjin the demand for space to the west coast is currently above available capacity for all carriers servicing the west coast. The shortage of available capacity to the west coast is allowing carriers to charge premium prices for their services. The shortage of available capacity to the west coast will most likely continue thru the middle of October 2016 at the minimum.

Additionally one can anticipate the increased volume coupled with a shortage of chassis created by the inability of truckers to return Hanjin boxes to the terminals will potentially create additional delays at west coast ports of entry.

The situation to the east coast is somewhat better with capacity and demand much closer aligned.

USPTI continues to work closely with all our carriers to insure we can secure space and provide you with a quality reliable service. Our goal is to minimize any potential disruptions to your supply chain.
Please insure your transport requirements are communicated to USPTI as far in advance as possible. A minimum of 14 to 21 days prior to cut off at origin would be appreciated.
Thank you for your support and we look forward to a long term relationship of service.
Please contact your USPTI representative with any questions or concerns.