Trans-Pacific Inbound Market Update

Dear Valued Customer:
As we move through the historical peak season in the Trans-Pacific Import trade, USPTI would offer the following comments related to current and anticipated trading conditions. Overall cargo volume continues to increase.

East Coast With the opening of the expanded Panama Canal, the anticipate potential for larger ships to call East Coast ports has arrived and thus the rates will not be as volatile as West Coast rates. Therefore do not foresee any mid-term space shortage thereby limiting the carrier’s ability to secure substantial rate increase.

West Coast Rates and capacity remain volatile with the potential for mid-term volume to exceed capacity thus allowing rates to potentially increase consistent with supply and demand.

Please note that several external factors may impact the ability to efficiently move cargo in the upcoming weeks:
G 20 meetings will take place in Ningbo on September 4 and 5. Many factories have been ordered to shut down temporarily close to eliminate congestion and pollution. These closures could not only disrupt production but also port operations in both Ningbo and Shanghai.

The Moon Festival Holiday will be celebrated on September 15. One could anticipate early closure and late openings of factories potentially impacting your supply chain.

National Holiday will be observed on October 1. One could again anticipate early closure and late opening of factories impacting your supply chain

We greatly appreciate your support and request you give USPTI a much advance booking notice as possible (preferably two to three weeks prior to required sailing). Your advance booking notice will allow USPTI to evaluate available sailing and rate options (low to high) in an effort to provide you with quality on time transportation consistent with your delivery requirements.

Please contact your USPTI representative with any questions.
Again, thank you for your business.