Customer Advisory - Updated Status of Carrier Demurrage Collection

Dear Valued Customer, 

This is to inform you that some carriers are announcing the notice that liners and terminals will suspend, but not waive, the collection of demurrage due on import containers. Line release and ability to pick up containers will not be affected if demurrage is not satisfied. 

USPTI wants to remind you that the demurrage will still be collected from customers at a later time. This is not a waiver and just carriers or terminals will not detain or delay the release and delivery of any container due to outstanding demurrage charges.

We would like to clarify it with you and encourage that you still pay your demurrage in time to avoid any dispute with terminals in the future. 

Above are the most updated information and we will keep you updated if there is any change. 

Should you have any questions, please contact your sales rep or our team; we are all happy to help. 

USPTI appreciate your support!